Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay needs to persuade, not alienate...

Let’s face it. We argue all the time.

An argumentative essay is meant to gain your reader's assent, not alienate them completely. The difficulty lies in gaining this assent while facing active opposition.

It’s a fact that people don't always agree on what is true or what is fair. Essays of argument provide an opportunity to examine not only our own, but others' ideas very carefully. Just because we have an opinion about something doesn’t mean we can effectively argue for, or against it.

  • In other words, opinions are not arguments!

In essays of argument, we are forced to weigh conflicting claims and to make judgments about the nature of evidence posed by others.

We must examine the various methods of investigation and state our thoughts with clarity and accuracy. We must also learn to respectively consider and critique the arguments of others, particularly if we hope to sway someone to our opinion.

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