Definition Essay Plan

A good definition essay plan answers a few questions...

Before you begin your definition essay plan, you should give some thought to the following seven questions.

In fact, before you begin to write a definition essay, you should answer all of the following. By answering the following seven questions, you will have a good plan to follow.

Afterwards, your definition essay will practically write itself!

1. What term are you defining?
2. Who is the audience for the writing?
3. Do technical terms require further definition?
4. What purpose does the intended definition have?
5. What term, class and characteristics does it have?

A Term - is the word to be defined.
The Class - is the group or category of similar terms to which it belongs.
The Characteristics - are the essential qualities that set the term apart.

Example: “Battlefield Bravery”
Term: Battlefield bravery
Class: Extraordinary acts of bravery
Characteristics: Selflessness, duty, honor, courage

6. Are there other patterns to help you complete the definition?
7. Do they help to make the definition better-rounded or more complete?

Is it a process?

Can it be physically or emotionally described?

Is it part of a story, legend or myth?

Is it a cause and / or effect?

To further define your term you may want to consider using the following techniques as well.

Make comparisons: show its likeness to something familiar (or its differences)
Include unknown details: physical characteristics, distinguishing attributes etc.
Narrate an illustration: clarify a group, theory, or object.
Use negation: mention what it is not in order to help define what it is.
Origins: Where did it come from? How is it used? By whom?
Historical Results: what happened to those who used it? Why?

As you can see, a good definition essay plan takes a little thought. By answering the above and applying it to any definition essay, you’ll be well on your way to writing a solid, passing paper.

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