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Don't make the mistake of looking for an English composition sample essay to copy or memorize to write for your exam.

Chances are good that the same topics will not be repeated and you will end up writing an essay that answers a different question.

This would be a tragic mistake. By writing some of the essays from the following list, you'll see what level of writing is needed to pass your proficiency exam.

The composition topics that follow are from previous Michigan ECPE exams.

Review these topics for an idea of what awaits you on the written section of the exam.

Of course, the exact topics won’t be repeated, but chances are good that you will see something very similar.

1. Every year consumers are injured using products (food, cosmetics, appliances) that seem to be safe but aren’t. Who should be responsible for making sure that products are safe to use: the consumer, the producer, the government, or someone else? Discuss providing support of your point of view.
2. Most people believe that laws exist to protect people and should not be broken. Nevertheless, some people may break the law at some time for what they think are good reasons. Describe a situation that you think breaking the law is justified.

1. Changes in the political organization of various countries in Eastern Europe have had an impact on surrounding countries. Discuss how these changes have affected your country or local community. Limit your discussion in a single economic, political or social issue.

2. Some very talented amateur athletes become professional when they are 13 or 14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a professional athlete early in life? Provideexamples.

1. Society is in great need of organs to be transplanted to people who might die otherwise. What do you think of organs donor and what should we do to sensitize many people to do this.

2. Your grandmother left you in her will 4 things to choose from: a. an old family photograph in a beautiful frame b. something written by her (a diary or a book)c. material goods like a car or jewelry d. money. Explain why you would choose one of the four.

1. Some very successful professional performers (singers, actors, athletes, dancers) continue to work after their skills begin to decline, even though they don’t need more money. Why do you think they continue working while others stop early, when they are still at the pick? Give reasons for your point of view.

2. Many universities have distance learning programs, which allow students to take classes at home via TV or the Internet rather than attend classes at some capital location. What impact, if any, has distance learning had in your country? Discuss providing examples.

1. Public art (paintings, statues, monuments) and the qualities that make it good or bad. Controversy on what designs are chosen for display. Explain and give examples.

2. Does success depend on who you know or what you know? What makes a person successful? Knowing important people and having the right connections, or knowledge and expertise? Discuss and give examples.

1. There have been many advances in medicine over the past century. Write ONE such invention / procedure / drug that you believe has been especially significant. What effects (positive and/or negative) has it had in society? Give examples.

2. Researches agree that watching TV affects children behavior. If you were a parent what limits, if any, would you place on your children’s TV watching? Give examples.

Many of the topics are timely and thought provoking, aren't they? I'm sorry, but I don't have any newer examples though the ones above serve as a very good exmple of what you will face on the proficiency exam.

Think of other subjects, perhaps things in the news as of late like terrorism, mass migration, fanatism, globalization etc.

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