English Language Proficiency

Which English Language Proficiency is right for you?

When obtaining an English language proficiency degree it helps to know for what purpose you are going to use it.

For instance, many get an English proficiency degree simply because they think they have to have one. There is any number of reasons why someone might want a proficiency degree, however, each person must decide for him or her self.

But which English proficiency degree is the best? Or better yet, which is the easiest? Or still better yet, which is the most economical?

These questions, in reality, can only be answered by you, the student.

There are a number of English proficiency exams in use today. The skills and language level required for each exam is, however, virtually the same. There are a number of differences in test styles making some tests "easier" for some students and others "harder."

Past success percentages indicate that most English proficiency tests in use today have virtually the same pass rate worldwide.

The Michigan Test of English may be one of the most difficult of all of the English proficiency exams. Many students find the vocabulary level especially difficult.

Its primary purpose is to determine the language level of non-native speakers wishing to obtain an academic or professional qualification.

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