Greek Latin Words

Greek Latin Words...

Greek Latin words are everywhere in the English language. They shouldn't be overlooked when it comes vocabulary enhancement or exam preparation.


Because many English words can be traced back to the Greek Latin words from which they were taken.

By learning the words below, your ability to recognize unknown English words will greatly increase! This is an extremely important when it comes to the vocabulary section of the Michigan Proficiency Exams.

This along with the following pages contain one of the most complete lists of Greek Latin words available, anywhere. It's here to help you improve your vocabulary. Good Learning!

    ROOT         MEANING              EXAMPLES


ac,acrsharpacrimonious, acerbity,
aev,evage,eraprimeval, coeval, medieval
ag,actto doact, agent
agogleaderdemagogue, pedagogue
agri, agrarifieldagrarian, agriculture,
alianotheralias, alienate
althighaltitude, altimeter
alterotheraltruistic, alter ego
amloveamorous, amity, amicable
animmind, soulunanimous, magnanimity
ann, ennyearannuity, biennial perennial
anthrophuman beingsanthropology misanthrope philanthropy
aptfitaptitude, adapt
aquawateraqueduct, aquatic
arcgruler, firstarchaeology, monarch, anarchy
asterstarastronomy, asterisk, disaster
autoselfautocracy, automobile,
belliwarbellicose, belligerent
ben, bongoodbenefactor, bonus, benevolence
bibliobookbibliography, Bible
biolifebiography, biology, biochemist
breveshortbrevity, abbreviate,
cad,casto falldecadent, cadence, cascade
cap,capt, cept, cipto takecapture, participate, precept
capit,captheaddecapitate, captain
carnfleshcarnivorous, carnage, carna
ced, cessto yield, to gorecede, antecedent, process
celerswiftcelerity, decelerate, accelerate
centone hundredcentury, cennential, centipede
chrontimechronology, chronicle
cid, cisto cut, to killincision, homicide, fratricide
cit, citatto call, to startincite, excite, recitation
civicitizencivilization, civilian, civil
clam, clamatto cry outclamorous, acclamation
claud, claus,to closeclaustrophobia, enclose,
clos, cludfinishconclude
cognosc, cognitto learnagnostic, recognition
complto fillcomplete, complement, comply
cordheartaccord, cordial, discord
corporbodyincorporate, corporeal, corpse
cred,creditto believeincredulous, credulity, credence
curto carecurator, sinecure, secure
curr, currsto runexcursion, cursory, precursor
deb, debitto owedebt, indebtedness,
dempeopledemocracy, demagogue,
dermskinepidermis,pachyderm, dermatology
di,diurndaydiary, diurnal
dic, dictto sayabdicate, diction, verdict
doc, doctto ruledominate, domain, dominant
duc,ductto leadviaduct, aqueduct
dynampower, strengthdynamic, dynamite, dynamo
egoselfegoist, egotist, egocentric
erg, urgworkenergy, metallurgy
errto wandererror, erratic,
eugood, well, beautifuleulogize, euphemism, Eudoxia

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