Latin and Greek Roots

Latin and Greek Roots...

Latin and Greek roots are everywhere in the English language. You shouldn't overlook them when it comes to exam preparation or vocabulary development.

They really can go a long way towards improving your score.

Many English words contain Latin and Greek roots from which they are derived.

The following list will help you recognize English words that are unknown to you. This should help you on all sections of the Michigan Proficiency Exams.

     ROOT         MEANING          EXAMPLES
pacpeacepacify, pacific, pacifist
passto feeldispassionate,
pater, partfatherpatriotsm, patriarch, paternity
pathdisease, feelingpathology, apathetic, antipathy
ped, podfootimpediment, tripod,
pedchildpedagogue, pediatrician
pel,pulseto drivecompulsion, repel,expel
pet, petitto seekpetition, appetite, compete
phillovephilanthropist, philanderer
pon, positto placepostpone, positive
port, portatto carryportable, transport
potenable, powerfulomnipotent
put, putatto trim, to calculatecomputation, amputate
quer, ques, quir, quisto askinquiry, inquisitive,
reg, rectto ruleregent, insurrection
rid, risto laughderision, ridiculous
rog, rogatto askinterrogate
ruptto breakinterrupt, rupture
sacrholysacrilegious, sacrament
scito knowomniscient, conscious
scopto watch, to seeperiscope, microscope
scrib, scriptto writetranscribe, script
sectcutdissect, bisect
sed, sessto sitsedentary
sent, sensto think, to feelresent, sensitive
sequi, secut, sequeto followconsecutive, sequence, sequel
solv, solutto loosenabsolve, dissolute
sophwisdomphilosophy, sophomoric
spec, spect, spicto look atspectator, circumspect, despicable
spirto breatherespiratory, spirited
string, strictbindstringent, stricture
stru, structto buildconstructive,construe
tang, tact, tingto touchtangent, contact, contingent
ten, tentto holdtenable, retentive
termendinterminable, terminate
terrlandterrestrial, subterranean
tors,tortto twistdistort, torsion
tractto drag, to pulldistract, intractable
trud, trusto push, to shoveintrude, protrusion
vacemptyvacuous, evacuate
vad, vasto goinvade, evasive
veni, vent, vento comeintervene, prevent, convention
vertrueveracious, veracity
vers, vertto turnvertigo, revert, diversion
viawaydeviation, viaduct
vid, visto seevision, evidence
vinc, vict, vanqto conquerinvincible, victory, vanquish
viv, vitalivevivacious, vitality
voc, vocatto callavocation, provocation
volwishmalevolent, voluntary
volv, volutto rollrevolve, convolution

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