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Michigan TIPS, Issue #004 Last Minute Test Advice
March 15, 2007

Last Minute Test Advice

My desire to make Michigan TIPS, a great resource for my visitors is one of the reasons I don't produce one every week. Quite frankly, I'd run out of things to say.

This Michigan TIPS, however, might just have some of the best advice you'll ever receive for your Michigan Proficiency Exam.

Once again, it's that time of year here in Greece. We have the Michigan final this weekend. I am dedicating this Michigan TIPS to those who want (and need) some sound last minute advice before their exam.

What follows are those things I tell students who spend lots of money to study with me personally - and I'm sharing it with you, here, for FREE.

Am I really such a nice guy?

Well, yes and no.

It's true I'd like you to buy my tests or download my book but still, a great part of my motivation comes from helping students like you pass.

You see, I knew you were out there. I just knew there were people like you who wanted to prepare on their own and maybe just needed a little help.

People who didn't really have the time, or even the economic means, to take a class at a private language school.

If the above represents you, then be certain to read what follows carefully.



First of all, remember it's just another day. I've seen lot's of students fail because they were too stressed exam day. On your way to the testing center look at the people going about their daily routines. See people carrying groceries or getting bread from the baker. Realise that it's just another day and not the end of the world.

One test does NOT a life make!

Secondly, when doing the listening section, be sure to read ahead. Don't let one difficult question cause you to miss those that follow. It's much better to get one wrong and to be ready for the next one than to struggle to figure out the previus question and miss the next.

Stay ahead of the Listening!

Thirdly, before wiritng your essay be sure to re-read the rubric to make sure you understand what the question asks. And for goodness sake answer the question that is asked! This is very important. Take a minute or two to plan and then work steadily. You have more than enough time if you work steadily.

Answer the question asked NOT the one one you wish was asked.

Fourthly, in the GCVR section work in the order of the test. Don't skip to one section and then back to the next. It's too easy to get confused or make a mistake with the answer sheet. Be sure to answer all questions and work as quickly as you can. When you finish the test go back over the reading section first grammar section second and re-read the close. Don't worry about the vocabulary section.

Eliminate mistakes in the sections you can!

Finally, make sure you have your identification with you and double check the spelling of your name. If there are any changes to be made make sure you inform them at the test center.

And that's about it.

Oh, of course, it goes without saying that you should get a good night's sleep and eat a decent breakfast before you take your exam.

Also, I recommend a cup of coffee (or two) because studies have shown that caffeine aids us when taking tests.




Try the links above to practice your listening skills. Be sure to do the CLOZE practice from my site. Just follow the links from each page to follow the lesson.




Once again, I hope this last minute test advice will prove to be helpful.

Teaching + Inspiration + Practice = Success!

Good learning - till next time!


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