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Michigan TIPS, Issue #001 Successful Listening Strategies
January 03, 2007
Hello <>,

When learning successful listening strategies it pays to use a variety of sources.

Many times I see students fail the listening section of their exams because they don't take advantage of all the great listening resources that exist nowadays.

I always tell them that the listening we do in class is never enough (and we do plenty) because they never hear the language outside the classroom.

Therefore, it's vital that students do extra listening practice on their own if they want to ensure success on their exams.

A popular and effective way to improve your listening skills is through the use of DVD's.


I can't say enough about the effectiveness of using DVD's in your listening practice. I've used them successfully in the classroom in many different ways.

To begin with, it's a good idea to get a movie or TV series you enjoy watching and remove the subtitles. Listen to the show in English for, say, 15 minutes and then put the subtitles back on and enjoy the rest of the show.

You can do this again and again (with a series) each time adding a few minutes until you add the subtitles again.

In a few short episodes you should be able to listen to the whole program without subtitles and with a greater understanding. The simple fact of the matter is that we improve what we practice and listening is one of those skills we tend to practice too little and for many too late bringing disappointment on the exam.


For excellent practice go to the following site and see what FREE material is available.

Also, in the first part of this year I plan to include listening material from my site designed to help you pass your exams.


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Teaching + Inspiration + Practice = Success!

Good learning till next time!


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