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Prefix      Meaning      Usage

hyperabove, excessivelyhyperbole exaggeration, hyperventilate breath at an excessive rate
hypobeneath, lowerhypoglycemia low blood sugar
in, il, im, irnotinefficient not efficient, inarticulate not clear or distinct, illegible not readable, impeccable not capable of sinning, irrevocable not able to be called back
in, il, im, irin, on, uponinvite call in , illustration something that makes clear, impression effect upon mind or feelings, irradiate shine upon
interbetween, amongintervene come between, international between nations, interjection a statement thrown in
intra, introwithinintramural within a school, introvert person who turns within himself
macrolarge, longmacrobiotic tending to prolong life, macrocosm the great world
megagreat, millionmegalomania delusions of grandeur, megaton explosive force of a million tons of TNT
metainvolving changemetamorphosis change of form
microsmallmicrocosm miniature universe, microscopic extremely small.
misbad, impropermisdemeanor minor crime, mischance unfortunate accident
mishatredmisanthrope person who hates mankind, misogynist woman-hater
monoonemonarchy government of one ruler, monotheism belief in one god
multimanymultifarious having many parts, multitudinous numerous
neonewneologism newly coined word, neophyte beginner
nonnotnoncommittal undecided
ob, oc, of, opagainstobstruct block, occlude close, block out, offend insult, opponent someone who struggles against
oligfewoligarchy government by a few


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