Reading Comprehension Strategy


...that makes for higher test scores. A reading comprehension strategy that does anything else... is useless!

The first thing you should do when approaching a reading comprehension test is to read the questions first.

That's just the questions, NOT the answer choices.

Next, read the text.

Don't worry about unknown words at this stage. Get a general feel for the text... look at the verbs and note what the paragraphs are mainly about. (this is called reading for gist)

After you have read the text, read question one AND the answer choices this time.

If you are like most students, you will try to answer the question by looking for the right answer, right?

WRONG! This is a huge mistake.

This is how you can carelessly fall into traps that have purposely been designed into the test.

Well, if looking for the right answer is a mistake, then what should we do?

I'm glad you asked : - )

Click on reading reading comprehension strategy and we'll continue building a strategy that works to improve test scores.