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The cloze practice on this page is to give you an idea as to what you will face on the actual Michigan test.

The cloze tests that are part of the practice exams available from this site, will help you succeed on the cloze section of any cloze test.

In fact, the cloze advice and practice you receive here can't be found anywhere else.

My many years of experience in helping people pass these exams has led me to believe that people don't get enough exercise in the cloze section of the test.

This lack of cloze practice produces two basic results.
  • Students do poorly on this section of the test.
  • Students don't like this portion of the text.
Let's face it. We often do worse on something we don't like to do. Now, I'm not trying to get you to fall in love with the cloze section of the Michigan Proficiency Exams.

All I'm saying is that cloze practice leads to improved scores.

The following is similar to what you will see in the cloze section of your Michigan exam.

Cloze Practice

Humans are commonly believed to be __ 1 __ animals that can consume both plantand animal products. Evidence suggests that early Homo Sapiens employedHunter-gatherer as their primary means of __ 2 __ collection. Thisinvolves combining stationary plant and fungal food sources (such asfruits, grains, roots, and mushrooms) with mobile animals, which mustbe __ 3 __ and killed in order to be consumed.

Atleast ten thousand years __ 4 __, humans developed agriculture, whichhas altered the kind of food people eat. This has led to a variety ofimportant historical consequences, such as increased population, thedevelopment of cities, and the wider spread of infectious diseases.

Aportion of food or the act of eating a portion of food is considered ameal. Often named and patterned, meals play a role in an importantsocial occasion, such as the celebration of many key cultural andreligious festivals. A __ 5 __ can be used as means for feeding a single individual or shared and eaten simultaneously by two or more people.
Thenumber of meals consumed by __ 6 __ in a day, their size, composition,when and how they are prepared and eaten varies __ 7 __ around theworld. This __ 8 __ can be attributed to a number of local factors,including climate, ecology, economy, cultural traditions andindustrialisation.

In societies where the availability of food has __ 9 __ above subsistencelevels and beyond staple foods, meals are also sold pre-prepared for __ 10 __ consumption in restaurants and other similar retail premises.


1.       carnivorous         omnivorous            herbivorous           social

2.       nutrient               vitamin                food                    meat

3.       hunted                captured              captivated            tracked

4.       ago                     later                    after                   before

5.       food                    vitamins               meat                   meal

6.       humans               individuals             persons                people

7.       all over                huge                   greatly                 almost

8.       diversity              bewilderment         variety                 kind

9.       arose                  aroused                risen                    raised

10.     quick                   immediate             synchronous            fast

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