ECPE Test 1 Download

Thank You. Your payment has been processed and you may now download your test. LEFT CLICK on the following link to save the test to your computer.

ECPE Test 1 Download

After downloading the test file press "yes" for a shortcut to be added to your desktop. Next, double click the icon. This will open the test program. Once the test opens, you will be prompted for a password to make your test functional.

For each test, 10 passwords are generated and I must know which number you need to make your test functional. You must supply me with this number (1-10) in order for me to supply you with the right password.

The window that opens on the test will show the following:


You cannot access this page without first enterring password.

Contact the author for the password. You should request password number X. (5 for example)

Send me this number in an email.

Send e-mails to

and I will send you the password to run the program.

I will check this e-mail account three times a day during the week and at least once on the weekends. That means you should have your password within a few hours of your purchase. The most you should ever have to wait for a password is one day.

Thank you again for your purchase. I'm sure you'll find the tests useful and practical. Good luck on your exams!