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How did Maria do it?

 Maria Cheimona - Kavala, Greece

I am completely satisfied with my performance and with Mr. Todd’s help. I found his tests quite difficult but also helpful because they explain the wrong answers.

Maria is typical of the students who raised their scores by using the tests that are available from this site. If you really want to raise your Michigan test scores, then you too can benefit from using these tests - just as students from around the world have...

Panjarat Sethjinda - Bangkok, Thailand

Your practice tests have proven to be very useful for me. My latest MELAB score was much improved after using your tests. Keep up the good work.

Panjaret's MELAB score was much improved after using these tests. In fact, his score increased by over 14% after using these tests. What's more, he's not the only one to have found the tests very helpful.

Moses Kamau - Kenya

Your tests are very helpful because after going through the questions I passed my MTELP which I had failed earlier. Thanks for your quick responses and for your good work.

Besides improved test scores, you get the added benefit of expanding your vocabulary. One of my students here in Greece said the following...

Vasiliki Riga - Alexandroupolis, Greece

The tests that are available on the web site have been really useful for our preparation before the exams. Everyone had the opportunity to work on the specific part of the test that they weren’t good at. We expanded our vocabulary a lot with both the vocabulary and reading exercises.

  • Expanded Vocabulary

  • Targeted Language Practice

Vasiliki liked the fact that she could work on the part of the test that she needed the most help with. One great advantage of using these tests is that you get targeted language practice. That means you can work on the specific area of the test you need help with.

What's just as important as improved test scores and expanded vocabulary? How about knowing that the tests are...

  • Easy to Use - just point and click...

The tests are all original computer based tests. That means they are super easy to use. The material and language is timely and relevant to today's exam realities.

  • Proven Effective - over 80% pass rate...

Repetition of the most frequently tested items helped my students recognize traps and avoid those "little" mistakes that can mean the difference between a pass or fail.

The tests on this page are part of a curriculum that has seen an over 80% pass rate for the Michigan Proficiency Exams in the last three years in our language schools here in Greece. OVER 80% pass rate! The national average is around 35%.

  • Save Time and Money - get hours of practice test material for less than one private lesson

You get more than 6 hours of self-guided study for the cost of just one hour of private language instruction. That means the tests now available represent the most practical and economical way for you to prepare for your Michigan exam.

In fact, I'm so certain that you'll benefit from using these tests... that I now can and do make the following 30 day RISK-FREE guarantee.



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Order your tests now and try them for 30 days. If you decide that they haven't helped you raise your test score...

I'll Return Your Money.


 I'm so certain you'll benefit from using my tests, that I give a 100% guarantee.



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