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ECPE Brief Overview

The exam lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours and consists of 4 sections, or parts.

Writing (30 minutes)

Here you'll write one short essay (250-300 words) of two choices. Topics can include social issues like crime, the environment, population, government, education or technology, etc.

Listening (35-40 minutes)

The listening section has a total of 50 multiple choice questions in 3 parts. Part one consists of choosing one of three answers which best complete what is heard. Part two has short dialogs with 3 possible answer choices which complete or supplement the dialog. The final section has three dialogs -- longer than the second part -- with five comprehension questions again with three answer choices for each. Here the questions are heard once only - they are not written in the test booklet.

Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary , Reading (GVCR - 75 minutes)

Here, there are 120 questions... 40 grammar, a cloze passage with 20 blanks, 40 vocabulary, and four short reading passages with 5 questions each.

Speaking (20-35 minutes)

The oral exam has two candidates with two examiners. After short introductions about your studies/work/hobbies etc., you will have to reach an agreement concerning 4 choices. (vacation spots, school choices, job applicants, etc.)

For more information about the ECPE, or the University of Michigan's English exams in general, visit the Michigan ECPE home page at the University's site.