The ECPE: success might be easier than you think... least that's what you're hoping for, isn't it? Success on the ECPE?

If you answered yes to my question then I'm glad you found my site because truly, I can help. First off, we should know a few things about the ECPE like...

What is the ECPE?

The Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) is an advanced English language exam. It was developed by the University of Michigan's ELI and has been around since 1953. Over 20,000 students take the exam annually from authorized test centers throughout the world. The test is designed for non-native speakers of English to prove their competency of the language for academic or professional reasons.

The ECPE test is recognized and accepted as an English language qualification for admittance to Universities in England, Canada and the U.S.A. For a partial list of universities in England and the USA that accept the Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) click here. What is the format of the ECPE?

The test format is multiple choice (4 choices) except the listening exam which has 3 answer choices. The ECPE is often taken as two seperate tests (depending on country and testing center) the Preliminary exam and the Final exam.

What is the Preliminary exam?

The first exam, known as the Preliminary exam, is made up of 35 multiple choice questions. The exam lasts 30 minutes. Students must score 23 or higher in order to proceed to the Final exam. This exam is NOT used in all testing countries.

The Preliminary test includes 10 cloze, 10 grammar, 10 vocabulary and 5 reading items. The Preliminary exam does not include examples of the writing, listening or speaking sections of the Final Exam.

What is the final exam?

Click on ecpe to learn about the ECPE final exam.

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