Greek and Latin root words

Greek and Latin root words are most important when learning and improving your English vocabulary.

Root words should not be overlooked when it comes to improving your vocabulary or preparing for exams.

Many roots in English can be traced back to the other languages from which they were “borrowed” and adopted into English. Many English words have Greek or Latin roots.

By learning the following root words, your ability to recognize unknown English words will greatly increase!!

This is extremely important when it comes to the vocabulary section of the Michigan Proficiency Exams. This page was my first attempt at gathering this information. The following pages provide more detailed and complete Greek and Latin root words list.

   ROOT               MEANING                 EXAMPLES

administer exercise power administered
annus,enn year biennial,annual
anthropos mankind anthropology, misanthropic, philanthropic
apprehend arrest, understand apprehension
ard burn ardent
audax boldeness, lack of respect audacity
aud hear/sound audible
auxili help auxiliarum
biblio book bibliography
cedo go precede, succeed, intercede
chronos time chronology,synchronize
claudo shut include, preclude, exclusive
commun common common, communist
conclud finish conclusion
confid trust confident
confit admit confession
consequ that which follows consecutive
constitu made of constitution
cura care curator, sinecure
decide decide decision
defend defend defend
detter prevent deter
defend defend defend,defense
decid decide decision
ego I / self egotist, egocentric
fero to carry transfer, refer, differ
fid faith fidelity, confidence,
fluo flow fluent, fluid, influence
gnostos know agnostic, recognizance
haero to stick cohere, adhere
integ honor integrity
jacio throw reject, interject
laud praise laudable, applaud
lingua tongue bilingual, linguistic
loqu to talk eloquent
mania madness maniac, egomania
metron measure meter, speedometer
murus wall moralistic, intramural
nihil nothing annihilate, nihilist
obligat must obligation
optikos vision optician, optical
onus weight onus
ovum egg oval, ovary
ped foot pedestrian, pedal. impede
pend hang pendant, dependent
persuad persuade persuade
phobia fear claustrophobia, phobia
phone sound stereophonic, phoneme,
pliao fold pleat, application, pliable, imply
post after posterity
pus foot octopus
press push repress, depress
provid vision provisional, provision
relinq leave, abandon relinquish
residu remnant residue, residual
resist stand against resistant
scend climb transcend, ascend, descend
seco cut sector, section, insect
sed sit sediment, sedate residence
sed plant / reproduce sperm, sporadic
sentio feel sentimental, resent, consent
sophos wise sophistication
spectus look retrospective, inspect, spectacles
tactus touch tactile, contact
therme heat thermometer, thermos
urbo city suburban
verto turn inversion, revert, convert
viv live vivid, vital

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