Greek Latin Roots...

Greek Latin roots are everywhere in the English language. You shouldn't overlook them when it comes to exam preparation.


Because many English words have Greek and Latin roots from which they are derived.

By learning the words below, you will recognize more English words that are unknown to you. This should greatly help you on the vocabulary section of the Michigan Proficiency Exams.

This along with the following pages contain one of the most complete lists of Greek Latin roots available. I wish you good language learning and great vocabulary building!

ROOT               MEANING               EXAMPLES

fac, fic, fec, fect to make, to do factory, fiction, affect
fall, fals to deceive fallacious, infallible, falsify
fer, lat to bring, to bear transfer, translate, conifer
fid belief, faith infidel, confidence
fin end, limit confine, finite
flect, flex to bend flexible, deflect
fort luck, chance fortuitous, fortunate
fort strong fortitude, fortification,
frag, fract to break fragile, infraction, fractious
fug to flee fugitive, refuge
fus to pour effusive, diffuse
gam marriage monogamy, bigamy, polygamy
gen, gener class, race genus, generic, gender
grad, gress to go, to step digress, regress, gradual
graph, gram writing epigram, telegram,
greg flock, herd gregarious, aggregate,
helio sun heliotrope,heliograph
it, itiner journey, road exit, itinerary
jac, jact, jec to throw projectile, trajectoty, ejection
jur, jurat to swear perjure, jury, adjuration
labor, laborat to work laboratorary, collaborate
leg, lect, lig to choose, to read election, legible, eligible
leg law legislature, legitimate, legal
liber, libr book library, libretto, libel
liber free liberation, liberal
log word, study entomology, etymology,
loqu, locut to talk soliloquy. loquacious, eloquant
luc light elucidate, lucid, transculent
magn great magnify, magnanimity, magnitude
mal bad malevolent, malefactor
man hand manufacture, manuscript
mar sea maritime, submarine, mariner
mater, matr mother maternal, matriarch, matrilineal
mit, miss to send missile, dismiss, transmit
mob, mov, mot to move mobilize, motility, immovable
mon, monit to warn admonish, premonition, monitor
mori, mort to die mortuary, moribund, immorta
morph shape,form metamorphosis, anthropomorphic
mut to change immutable, mutate,
nat born innate, prenatal, nativity
nav ship navigate, naval
neg to deny negation, renege
nomen name nomenclature, nominal,
nov new novice, renovate, novelty
omni all omniscient, omnipotent, omnivorous
oper to work operate, cooperation

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