Greek Latin Words...

Greek Latin words are everywhere in the English language. They shouldn't be overlooked when it comes vocabulary enhancement or exam preparation.


Because many English words can be traced back to the Greek Latin words from which they were taken.

By learning the words below, your ability to recognize unknown English words will greatly increase! This is an extremely important when it comes to the vocabulary section of the Michigan Proficiency Exams.

This along with the following pages contain one of the most complete lists of Greek Latin words available, anywhere. It's here to help you improve your vocabulary. Good Learning!

    ROOT         MEANING              EXAMPLES

ac,acr sharp acrimonious, acerbity,
aev,ev age,era primeval, coeval, medieval
ag,act to do act, agent
agog leader demagogue, pedagogue
agri, agrari field agrarian, agriculture,
ali another alias, alienate
alt high altitude, altimeter
alter other altruistic, alter ego
am love amorous, amity, amicable
anim mind, soul unanimous, magnanimity
ann, enn year annuity, biennial perennial
anthrop human beings anthropology misanthrope philanthropy
apt fit aptitude, adapt
aqua water aqueduct, aquatic
arcg ruler, first archaeology, monarch, anarchy
aster star astronomy, asterisk, disaster
auto self autocracy, automobile,
belli war bellicose, belligerent
ben, bon good benefactor, bonus, benevolence
biblio book bibliography, Bible
bio life biography, biology, biochemist
breve short brevity, abbreviate,
cad,cas to fall decadent, cadence, cascade
cap,capt, cept, cip to take capture, participate, precept
capit,capt head decapitate, captain
carn flesh carnivorous, carnage, carna
ced, cess to yield, to go recede, antecedent, process
celer swift celerity, decelerate, accelerate
cent one hundred century, cennential, centipede
chron time chronology, chronicle
cid, cis to cut, to kill incision, homicide, fratricide
cit, citat to call, to start incite, excite, recitation
civi citizen civilization, civilian, civil
clam, clamat to cry out clamorous, acclamation
claud, claus, to close claustrophobia, enclose,
clos, clud finish conclude
cognosc, cognit to learn agnostic, recognition
compl to fill complete, complement, comply
cord heart accord, cordial, discord
corpor body incorporate, corporeal, corpse
cred,credit to believe incredulous, credulity, credence
cur to care curator, sinecure, secure
curr, currs to run excursion, cursory, precursor
deb, debit to owe debt, indebtedness,
dem people democracy, demagogue,
derm skin epidermis,pachyderm, dermatology
di,diurn day diary, diurnal
dic, dict to say abdicate, diction, verdict
doc, doct to rule dominate, domain, dominant
duc,duct to lead viaduct, aqueduct
dynam power, strength dynamic, dynamite, dynamo
ego self egoist, egotist, egocentric
erg, urg work energy, metallurgy
err to wander error, erratic,
eu good, well, beautiful eulogize, euphemism, Eudoxia

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