Intensifier List

Below is an intensifier list. On the previous page you saw them in combination with other words including common usage.

Here, the list is on its own for you to recognize them more readily in combination with other words.

Far and away

Far better

Each and every one

Every single one

The one and only

Hardly any

Almost no

Few such

Far between

No reason whatsoever

Any reason whatsoever

Quite a few

A good many

Many a

Far / way too many

Much / far too much

Once and for all

Just this once

Every once in a while

Every now and again / then

All too often

More often than not

How …………… he is.

What a …………….. he is.

Never ever

Yet to

A very / a most / quite a

Not at all

Not in the least

Not the least

In the least

At the very least

Believe it or not, there are many more phrases or words that could make it into this list. Not that you should learn the list itself, but rather, how they are used and tested in the grammar section of the Michigan exam.

Remember, this is one of those frequently tested areas where you can gain valuable points on your test.

The tests available from this site give you practice on just such items!

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