Latin and Greek Roots...

Latin and Greek roots are everywhere in the English language. You shouldn't overlook them when it comes to exam preparation or vocabulary development.

They really can go a long way towards improving your score.

Many English words contain Latin and Greek roots from which they are derived.

The following list will help you recognize English words that are unknown to you. This should help you on all sections of the Michigan Proficiency Exams.

     ROOT         MEANING          EXAMPLES
pac peace pacify, pacific, pacifist
pass to feel dispassionate,
pater, part father patriotsm, patriarch, paternity
path disease, feeling pathology, apathetic, antipathy
ped, pod foot impediment, tripod,
ped child pedagogue, pediatrician
pel,pulse to drive compulsion, repel,expel
pet, petit to seek petition, appetite, compete
phil love philanthropist, philanderer
pon, posit to place postpone, positive
port, portat to carry portable, transport
poten able, powerful omnipotent
psych mind psychology
put, putat to trim, to calculate computation, amputate
quer, ques, quir, quis to ask inquiry, inquisitive,
reg, rect to rule regent, insurrection
rid, ris to laugh derision, ridiculous
rog, rogat to ask interrogate
rupt to break interrupt, rupture
sacr holy sacrilegious, sacrament
sci to know omniscient, conscious
scop to watch, to see periscope, microscope
scrib, script to write transcribe, script
sect cut dissect, bisect
sed, sess to sit sedentary
sent, sens to think, to feel resent, sensitive
sequi, secut, seque to follow consecutive, sequence, sequel
solv, solut to loosen absolve, dissolute
somn sleep insomnia
soph wisdom philosophy, sophomoric
spec, spect, spic to look at spectator, circumspect, despicable
spir to breathe respiratory, spirited
string, strict bind stringent, stricture
stru, struct to build constructive,construe
tang, tact, ting to touch tangent, contact, contingent
tempor time contemporary
ten, tent to hold tenable, retentive
term end interminable, terminate
terr land terrestrial, subterranean
therm heat thermostat
tors,tort to twist distort, torsion
tract to drag, to pull distract, intractable
trud, trus to push, to shove intrude, protrusion
urb city urban
vac empty vacuous, evacuate
vad, vas to go invade, evasive
veni, vent, ven to come intervene, prevent, convention
ver true veracious, veracity
verb word verbose
vers, vert to turn vertigo, revert, diversion
via way deviation, viaduct
vid, vis to see vision, evidence
vinc, vict, vanq to conquer invincible, victory, vanquish
viv, vit alive vivacious, vitality
voc, vocat to call avocation, provocation
vol wish malevolent, voluntary
volv, volut to roll revolve, convolution

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