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Name: Dimitra Parlapani,
City: Kastoria
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City: Thessaloniki
“I am a new teacher of English and I would like to tell you that your advice and general guidance is very useful, not only for students, but also for us teachers!”

Name: Renato Tomaz da Conceição,
Contry: Brazil
“Todd, I'm sure you don't even know me, nonetheless, I have to thank you a lot for my achievements. Your tips, books and website helped me in every way to achieve my goal! Thank you!”

Name: Maria Giannopoulou,
City: Athens
“Good afternoon, Mr. Pekel, thank you for the Michigan TIPS email and all your precious help! You have really, really, really helped me and it is needless to say I have already suggested your fabulous website to all of my friends! I wish you success in whatever you do!”

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Welcome to my site. I'm glad we found each other! As you can see, I'm excited about working together to help you succeed on your Michigan Proficiency exam.

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